lunedì 29 ottobre 2007

Lesha likes spiders

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Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) ha detto...

Hahahaha!!! I've got one of those!!!! Great design, it looks like a million bucks on a kitchen counter or shelf, but it's also the world's lousiest citrus squeezer!!! :)))))

Lesha ha detto...

yes you're right. it's totally useless. but I love the design

la petite gourmande ha detto...

This is so cool! Is it really a citrus juicer?

Lesha ha detto...

oh yes, petite gourmande.
it's a philippe Starck creation for Alessi.
Alessi website seems to be unavailable at the moment, but I found a couple of news about it here:


la petite gourmande ha detto...

Thanks for the link... I am so intrigued! If you're going to have kitchen gadgets, it seems much more fun to have ones as cool as this one. :)

Lesha ha detto...

I love design. in Italy we have a long tradition of design (furniture, lamps, household stuff...), sometimes it's too expensive because the designers are very famous.
as for kitchen gadgets, you're right but I have also a very functional and efficient plastic juicer in my cupboard!

sara ha detto...

Spremi la tua bella arancia e tutto il succo si disperde.
Starck è un genio, a volte.

Lesha ha detto...

se metti un bicchiere sotto qualcosa recuperi, se non cola tutto lungo le "zampe"
e poi, come arreda!