martedì 8 gennaio 2008

It's been a hard day's night, but we can work it out!

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la petite gourmande ha detto...

This is soooooooo funny!

Lesha ha detto...

oh, yes. sellers was a genius and the beatles too.

did you vote in primary?

we are following the USA presidential primary with great interest, but the election system is veeery complicated and different from ours.

la petite gourmande ha detto...

genius, absolutely!!! L thought it was pretty funny, too!

our primary (Massachusetts) is February 5, and I am definitely voting. we need big changes around here after the last disastrous 8 years!!! i still can't believe that some Americans actually voted for that nonsense, and that some even voted for it twice!

yes, the system here is really complicated and could use improvements. but who knows when, or if, that will ever happen!

what would Italy like to see happen here? any idea?

Lesha ha detto...

It's time for a change definitely. Bush's politics had a disastrous impact on the international scene.
I don't know what kind of expectations Italy has got about it. many Italians are tired of the American military basis in Italy (ie. Vicenza), but in general, except for a bunch of well informed people and news fanatics, I don't think that somebody gives a damn of it.
Actually, I'm not sure, that American international politics will change drammatically with a different president. what do you think?
I find Obama particulary interesting, and he's also cute ;-)
A woman president wouldn't be bad, but I'm not sure about Hillary's issues.
we will see...
(btw, I see your connection from watertown, new hamptshire, that's why I thought you've already voted)

la petite gourmande ha detto...

Well, I clearly can't speak for all Americans, but I think we need a lot of changes. I think most people in the world- here included- are tired with American nonsense and politics.

I do love the Democrats, but I can't decide which one I like best. So complicated to find the one who encompasses most things I want to see, because they all have good and bad things about them. I'd better decide soon, though.

Nope, not New Hampshire- it must be confused! Our Massachusetts primaries come soon soon!