giovedì 28 agosto 2008

Lesha's back

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sisternet ha detto...

Belli! e quelli sono i guantoni per le lotte dell'autunno caldo in questa città operosa e sicura?

francesca ha detto...

ben tornata carissima :)

lesha ha detto...

@ sister, sono babuccette in lana...forse dopo averle portate una settimana possono diventare strumenti di lotta adeguati ;)

@ francesca, grazie cara!

sretno dijete ha detto...

Signorina Lesha,

How was your trip in Bosnia?
I can see some souvenirs are brought back. Or just picture has taken...

Have a nice weekend


Lesha ha detto...

my dear mr sretno dijete
trip has been super!
you'll see some pics and drawings soon.
I spent most of the time in Sarajevo and made just one excursion in the mountains. I loved it!
souvenirs were defenitely brought back, but not much since I was with just a backpack travelling by bus...(that's been hard)
then, I went to dubrovnik (how about getting rid of all the tourists???) and stayed there for two days to chill out and tan tan tan. and then I was back to Italy by ship, 9 hours with dozens of pilgrims coming from medjugorie (holy mary appearing every day at 7.40 pm. don't be late, she's not waiting). trauma.

anyway. next to be seen: sutijeska and jablanica with neretva battle place(the broken bridge is a fake! I discovered that the debris of the true one had been removed soon after the battle, and that what we see now is the setting of the movie "the neretve battle" starring yul brinner. anyway, the broken bridge is now shown to tourist as the real one.LOL
I love Bosniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa