martedì 4 dicembre 2007


Un favoloso pomeriggio alle terme (sabato) è ciò che più si avvicina all'idea che Lesha ha del paradiso

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Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) ha detto...

Oh, yes, I could use some of that now. Nice, warm, relaxing thermal bath. Aaaaaahhhh. ;)

(I have a garden at the cottage, here in the city I have a terrace with potted plants, namely herbs and flowers, in the summer. And you? Do you like to garden?)

Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) ha detto...

The movie should be here Wednesday! Gee, I hope it's a good one, with all this anticipation... ;D

The cat looks nicer against a darker background, doesn't it? I don't get tired of the little fella.

Lesha ha detto...

hi fenix
thanks for stopping by.

unfortunately, I haven't got any garden. I have some potted plants too, but I'm not that good at gardening :(

as for the virtual cat, it's fabulous. I just want a real one now...


Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) ha detto...

Unbelievable what's happening with this horror movie.

Listen, first, they wouldn't mail the DVD even though I had placed it at the top of my queue.

Two weeks passed and this morning I get this:

"THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS was not available at your local shipping center. Instead, we will be shipping this movie from Worcester, MA on the next business day. As usual, you will receive a movie shipped email confirming the shipment."

Worcester is a suburb of Boston that's not very far away, but still, that means that I'll have to wait an extra day to get the DVD.

Io non credo nelle streghe però ci sono!!!



(Gardening takes dedication and, in the summer, you've got to be there for the plants, watering, weeding, etc. Too much work for una pigra cittadina come me.)

Lesha ha detto...

oh dear!
I guess your expectations are even greater now...I hope you'll not be disappointed.